Academic Programs in Spain

¡Hola! ¿cómo estás? Spain is waiting for you! Learn more about our student exchange in Spain!

Become an exchange student in Spain: Immerse yourself deeply into the Spanish culture and its rich history of several centuries. We offer student exchange programs in Spain for a few weeks, a term, a semester or even a school year! Do not miss our school exchange in Andalusia!

Attend a Spanish High school, called “instituto” and live with a Spanish host family welcoming you as a new member of their family. During your school year abroad in Spain, practise your Spanish with your schoolmates and teachers!  Study abroad in Spain is your chance to become bilingual in Spanish and embrace a country, a lifestyle and a new family!

Become an exchange student in Spain for a term, semester or the school year!

You will go to school with your Spanish classmates and make new friends. Meet a volunteer Spanish host family eager to share with you their language and culture and improve your Spanish knowledge through a constant immersion into Spanish!


Academic Programs in Spain in 2020

Full year (10 month) Program $13,350 CAD

Semester (5 month) Program $10,450 CAD

Fall term (3 month) Program $8,995 CAD


– Administration fees
– School placement and full board stay in host family
– Airport pick-up and transfers in destination country
– School registration, school books and school transport
– Organization and assistance throughout the stay
– Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program
– Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance


– International airfare
– International Travel insurance
– Visa, passport and medical exam fees
– Extra activities organized by schools.
– Extra language courses
– Personal expenses and pocket money

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and are applicable to programs commencing in 2020.  Prices are subject to change dependent upon availability and time of booking.

Be an exchange student in Spain?

Join a unique High School exchange in Spain specifically designed for native English speakers: international students are welcomed by a volunteer Spanish family looking for a deep cultural and language exchange. They host our exchange students in Spain voluntarily but expect in return to experience a real international exposurefor themselves and their kids: you will learn Spanish from them but the exchange will also help them to improve their English skills! Exchange students in Spain attend regular classes in a Spanish public or private High School. This is a complete Spanish immersion program!

Why learn Spanish? Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world: make the difference and become bilingual in Spain! The best way to achieve this is to experience an exchange program in Spain because a long term Spanish immersion will allow you to learn efficiently, and practise! After a few weeks, you will even dream in Spanish!

Study in a High School in Spain!

Students come for a full academic year in Spain from September to June (public or private school), a Semester or a Term(private school), and even for short term programs (a few weeks, in private schools only). Spanish students attend 10-12 subjects a week at High School level. The 10th grade mainly offers mandatory subjects (2 electives may be added), while 11th and 12th grade offer students to specialize into Science and TechnologySocial Science or Humanities (as well as Arts in some schools). Grade 11 and 12 are dedicated to the preparation of the Bachillerato (16-18 years old).  During their secondary school studies Spanish students usually attend classes from 8am to 2 or 3pm. Some schools also have lessons in the afternoon but this is not the majority of schools.

If you have a lower Spanish level you may enroll in an intensive Spanish course before the academic year starts in September (extra cost, 16+ students only) and also have access to a totally free online Spanish e-learning platform that will help you to improve those areas that might need reinforcement (listening, speaking, and writing skills).

Highlights of the High School exchange in Spain:

  • Best Immersion Experience in Spain: Students are living with a warm and welcoming Spanish host familywhile attending school like any other local student.
  • Guardianship and Support 24/7: Students receive full support from the host family, the local coordinator and our professional team.
  • Free online Spanish preparation course for our exchange student in Spain: Nacel provides you with a free e-learning platform for you to start practicing your Spanish before your arrival.
  • Credited program: Based on your academic performance you have the opportunity to receive transcripts at the end of the program and therefore earn credits back home (restrictions may apply, please contact our advisors for further information).
  • Competitive price: Our affordable prices open the doors for you to embark on an unforgettable academic and cultural experience in Spain.

You may already know Spain as a tourist: its rich culture and history, its architecture, landscapes, costalines, beaches and food!
We allow you to become BILINGUAL and BICULTURAL.

You will not only gain a language: you will also become the best of yourself, and increase your level of international awareness, your intercultural skills, your maturity and independence. You will be ready to continue your journey into a multicultural world. Join the high school exchange in Spain!


Afternoons are dedicated to extracurricular activities and homework. Some schools offer sports on afternoons but sports may also be practiced in local clubs. Exchange students in Spain have plenty opportunities to experience new activities and meet Spanish teens outside of the classroom!

The High School exchange in Spain is not only about going to school and living with a Spanish host family: you will meet many new Spanish friends and continue to practise your favorite activities with them!

How will your daily life look like in Spain? You will wake up and take a light breakfast before going to school and start classes at 8am. After having attended your first 3 hours of classes, you will take a break and eat a sandwich because lunchtime is at 3pm only! You will chat with your Spanish classmates and maybe plan afternoon activities together! Go back to classes up to 2pm and then return home to have lunch with your host family. Afternoon may be dedicated to practice your favorite sport in a local club but you will also have to study and do homework!  Spend your evening and dinner with the other family members and get to know the Spanish way of life and popular culture from inside. During the weekend you will share time and activities with your host sisters or brothers and meet your new Spanish friends to go shopping or watch a movie!


Volunteer Host Families

Within this high school exchange in Spain, students are hosted by volunteer families. Volunteer host families are carefully selected based on hosting conditions, motivations, expectations. We match a student with a host family based on the host family and the student’s application form. Prepare your host family letter and your pictures very carefully: this will help us to make the best match!

Spanish host families are known for being very welcoming and enthusiastic of getting to know the culture of our students. They also expect from their student to help them improve their English skills. This is thus a real exchange program in Spain.

Staying with a Spanish host family:

Students are required to integrate with the family activities such as trips and days out. It is also important that the student gets involved with housework responsibilities. Host families offer a full board accommodation and packed lunches during school days.

International not only experience the life with the host family but also get to know the extended family: grandparents, cousins etc.
The local coordinator is available anytime to support the host family or the student whenever needed during the high school exchange in Spain.

High School exchange in Spain: How does it work?

  • You prepare your application form and tell us more about YOU: your age, your motivations, your expectations, your hobbies and interests
  • Knowing you better, we select the BEST Spanish host family to welcome you in their home: they do not only share their home with you, but their heart, their language and their culture. Find a new home and family abroad!
  • Get prepared: we guide you through all steps, including through the visa processes, departure arrangements and your Spanish and academic preparation. You never walk alone!
  • Welcome to Spain: YOUR host family is there to welcome you! YOUR local coordinator helps you settle in during the first days and stay in touch with you to check if everything goes smoothly!

Enjoy your study abroad in Spain with Nacel. 


Application Process:

  • International students starting in September must submit a full application by early April.
  • International students starting in January must submit a full application by early October at the very latest.
  • Students are required to apply for their Spanish student visa about 2 to 3 months before arrival (if not earlier), with the help of the supporting visa documents sent by Nacel. Nacel also provides you with a detailed documentation to help you process your visa application and is available during the whole process to assist you if needed.

Contact us to learn more abut the Spanish school system and prepare yourself for a successful high school exchange in Spain!

Please contact us for more details.